Drone video captures footage of Amazon tribe isolated from the world

A recent news report shows a drone capturing video imagery of Brazilian indigenous people who have been isolated from the rest of the world, the country’s National Indian Foundation said this week.

Video from a recent jungle expedition appears to show a one or more figure walking though a clearing of felled trees in an area near Brazil’s border with Peru. One figure seems to be holding a long stick or spear as another figures across the clearing.

The observation of these previously unknown indigenous people in the tributaries of the JutaĆ­ and Juruazinho rivers, was the result of the Brazilian government’s struggle to document and protect indigenous tribes.

This area is known to includes six tribes that have had previous contact with the outside world with at least 11 tribes that have remained isolated throughout history, according to the report.

Photos of indigenous creations, including palm trees hollowed out to make canoes, an axe fastened with vegetation, and a thatched hut have been collected.

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