Six Advantages of Drone Imagery in Perth

Drones now have imagery capabilities that where unthinkable just a few years ago. The rapid improvements in digital imagery and battery technology means that it more and more cost effective to use drone imagery in and around Perth.

1. Speed – A drone can be configured and in the air within minutes of arriving at a location.  A full inspection of a given site such as a roof inspection, solar panel inspections or under taking a detailed mapping task can be carried out in a fraction of the time it would take to use other methods such as expensive helicopters or fixed wing aircraft.

2. Safety – Modern drones now come equipped with GPS positioning and are self positioning. While the drone pilot must be capable and fully licensed (such as Droneskie) and be proficient in flying the drone, the advances in drone reliability and accuracy now mean that theses drone are very safe, especially when trying to reach inaccessible areas.

3. Efficiency – Minimal noise and their small form factor make for minimum disruption when taking off and landing.
This means that modern drones are capable of working almost anywhere drawing attention or disrupting the normal work flow of the site.
Due to this low visual and audio impact; Droneskie now routines informs local authorities such as the West Australian Police and local councils that we are operating in an areas to avoid any suspicions from the public.

4. Quality – The latest industry standard drones available in Perth, now come equipped With a high quality camera and inbuilt gyro stabilisation, meaning that it is now possible to get very high quality imagery and 4K video. The amazing mobility of drones means that it is possible to get full 360 degree sweep and pans of the area be documented. Even in moderately gusty wind conditions, our drones are able to capture blur free images
suitable for brochure and web publications.

5. Adaptability – The drones available to Droneskie allow for imagery to be captured for a large number of applications such as :marketing, building and equipment inspections, 3D visualisation,  boundary disputes and much, much many more. The growing number of software applications using  drone imagery range from building modelling to agricultural monitoring.

6. Cost – Depending on the size of the project, the cost of a drone survey can be significantly cheaper to collect than
the same operation using conventional methods. A project that was once too small to have warranted  the use of aerial photography is now well within most small budget.